The ERRENTERIA DOCUMENTARY FILM AND HUMAN RIGHTS FESTIVAL, promoted by the Department of Cultural Diversity, Cooperation for Development and Human Rights of the Errenteria City Council and organised by Ozzinema, consolidates its position as a commitment to cinema in the city.

The ERRENTERIA DOCUMENTARY FILM AND HUMAN RIGHTS FESTIVAL has two clear objectives: to make visible the injustices of the world we live in, and also to be a creative and labour springboard for people who dare to put the most committed stories into images.

The documentary is the most marginal, free and non-ideological genre of film to which the general public has the least access. In addition, it captures reality as it is, without make-up or sweeteners, and directly challenges the public, forcing them to take a stand, to be aware, to confront a comfortable reality and to be transformative elements of the injustices that exist and coexist with us. This is why the Festival, through its screenings and activities, wants to be a constructive and didactic element for all social groups, forming opinions, establishing values, eliminating prejudices and being a nucleus of social awareness.

The ERRENTERIA DOCUMENTARY AND HUMAN RIGHTS FILM FESTIVAL stands for the future of creators who are committed to the reality in which they live and who feel the need to make known the injustices that surround their daily lives.

The ERRENTERIA DOCUMENTARY FILM AND HUMAN RIGHTS FESTIVAL is a film festival of films: short, medium and feature films. It conveys the passion of the short film, that great cinema in a small format; it presents the impassable gaze of the medium-length film, stories whose duration is as free as their content; and it makes use of the screening of feature films, the most conventional duration for enjoying a story.

The ERRENTERIA DOCUMENTARY FILM AND HUMAN RIGHTS FESTIVAL has chosen the names of Juanmi Gutiérrez and Ion Arretxe for its awards as defenders of social and committed cinema. Guerrilla workers who have made their work in the cinema a reference in the way of narrating reality, with professionalism, respect and a deep humanity. Storytellers and chroniclers of life, who lived the light of a passion for cinema and suffered the shadows of an unjust society, which this festival wants to honour with their memory.